Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sesame Noodles with Peas and Asian Pork

Oh don't worry girls, this is easier than it sounds. best of all it uses leftovers!

My kids adore Sesame Noodles. I was trying to turn it into more of a meal as opposed to a side dish. I had 2 leftover Asian marinated pork chops. I had some pasta, and peanut butter. And soy sauce. And peas and scallions and carrots. Pretty good for someone who was way overdue for a grocery run, don't you think?

So I decided to take my Sesame Noodle recipe and alter it slightly. I omitted the tahini and added 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. I made the sesame noodles, added the pork, peas 1 large bag, frozen -- trader Joe's petite peas are my favorites) and scallions (about 4 stalks) and what resulted was delish! Too bad Daddy was in Los Angeles. He would have loved this dish!

The secret was in the sauce! This sauce:

This is the most amazing Asian marinade ever. This sauce is so good I do not even try to replicate it at home. In addition to pork I use this on chicken all the time. I trim and marinate my meat for several hours with some sesame seeds (be generous) and finely chopped scallions (about 3 stalks). Grill your meat as you normally would. What you get is a sweet and smoky Asian flavor.

Add your hoisin garlic marinated pork or chicken to your Sesame Noodles for a fantastic day!


Hope Chella said...

Last night my boyfriend and I ordered Chinese :) There were peas in the fried rice and it was such an awesome addition that I hadn't tried before (or remember anyway) This recipe looks delicious!!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Sandy's Kitchen said...

This looks like my kind of dish to eat. I love Asian style foods.I can't wait to try this. Yum!