Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perfectly Spiced Pita Chips for Lazy Mom's Hot Summer Supper!

My grandmother was a huge Melba toast person. She served Melba toasts to company all the time. Usually it was very thinly sliced bread toasted and hardened. Sometimes it was pita chips. I've taken my grandmother's toast and jazzed it up a little. These pita chips are the perfect accompaniment to cool and refreshing hummus. These pita chips are slightly spicy. You can add more or less spice. You can omit the hummus and serve them with your favorite summer soup or gazpacho. Or eat them all by themselves. They're pretty healthy as far as snacks go too!

1 package small pita bread
1/8 cup of olive oil (you most likely will not use all) 
Sea salt
Garlic powder
Paprika, sweet or hot -- depending on your mood
All of the above to taste

Line a baking sheet with tinfoil (because I am Lazy Mommy and can just toss the tinfoil into the recycling bin which is way better than using all that energy to wash the cookies sheet!)

Cut pita into 6 triangles and then separate the two halves. Arrange on cookie sheet. (If cooking all of package you will need two cookie sheets)

With a pastry brush lightly brush all the pita with olive oil, then sprinkle with sea salt, garlic powder and paprika.

Place the cookie sheet on the top shelf of your oven and broil Hi for until the bread starts to turn a golden brown. Watch closely to prevent burning!

It reached a whopping 92 degrees here in Connecticut today. I had the luxury of being able to take my youngest to the beach followed by a long soak in a Lavender tub when the older two came home from school. Top it off with a super chilled Pinot Grigio and I had a day that came as close to perfection as any. But the wine and the sun and the fresh air left me wiped. It was too hot to eat anything heavy and while the house was fairly cool, none of us had any great appetite. So we had my Lazy Supper which basically consisted of appetizer type foods.

We enjoyed hummus with our pita chips (Sabra -- it's the best out there barring home-made!) and veggies and dip, some olives, a few slices of summer sausage and plenty of veggies for our dip. Luckily the kids love dinners like this. (The husband was out... My real reason for not cooking!)

Gotta use up some more of those Easter eggs!

My kids love olives!

3 slices per child wouldn't be too unhealthy!

Fresh, cool veggie... colors are important! (M&Ms for dessert for even more color, perhaps?!)

Lazy Mom confession... I need to go to the grocery store... but it's just too gorgeous out to waste on such silly matters... This is what I had in my fridge. It's supposed to rain on Friday. We'll have real food by then!!!

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