Monday, March 16, 2009

Girlfriend Luncheon

I had a luncheon for two of my good college friends on Saturday. I have not seen either one in years. It was such great fun to see them and catch up on old times!

For the Menu I had planned BLT Stuffed Tomatoes, a Yogurt Dip with Cucumber, Lemon and Garlic (next time I will use less garlic!) that I served with Pita crisps and kettle chips, and mixed olives. For lunch we dined on a simple salad of arugula with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and Lemon vinaigrette along with sliced grilled chicken that I had marinated overnight in lemon, olive oil, sea salt and garlic powder, and a crusty baguette. Apple Pie a la mode was for dessert. I did not make it but purchased from a local farm. The pie is world famous!

BLT Stuffed Tomatoes

I sent my husband out for some cherry tomatoes and he came back with Campari tomatoes! My guests were coming in just over and hour and I had to make-do with what I had! So I sorted through them all, picked out the smaller tomatoes, halved them and scraped them out and thought "Aha! This just might work!" And it did. And very well indeed.

(makes enough for 24 stuffed tomato halves)


1 or 2 containers of Campari tomatoes
1/3 block of Feta cheese, diced into really small pieces
1 package bacon, cooked and crumbled into really small pieces
5 scallions, cleaned, trimmed and thinly diced
2 Tbs (or more if desired) mayonnaise (I use light mayo)

Wash campari tomatoes and dry well. Halve the tomatoes and using a small paring knife "gut" the inside of the tomatoes, removing all seeds.

In a bowl mix the bacon, cheese, mayonnaise and scallions until all well blended. Using a small melon-baller scoop out a small amount of the mixture and place gently into the tomato half.

If you are not partial to the flavor of feta you might want to try out this recipe from Northern Girl with a Southern Soul.

Yogurt Dip With Cucumber, Lemon and Garlic


2 containers (such as Fage or Choban) lowfat Greek Yogurt
1 Tbs of olive oil
Juice from 1 lemon
4 scallions finely diced
2-3 cloves of garlic (I used 4 large cloves and it was a bit too pungent!)
1 cucumber thinly sliced

In a bowl combine yogurt, lemon and olive oil. Mix well, Stir in scallions, garlic and cucumbers. Mix well. Chill before serving.

Serve with pita chips or kettle chips.


Michele said...

It's so funny that I was just reading The Cooking Husband's Blog and he was talking about a guys dinner with bbq ribs and now I'm reading about the total oppisite, a dainty women's lunch! I love them both! I love tzatziki sauce but never made it before. I will definitly have to give it a try!

Jessica Ryan said...

I'd be happy with a guy's dinner too ;)

Maria said...

I just love both your blogs. Where do you get inspiration for such awesome dishes? I have a passion for cooking and this has been such a fun find. You have a great talent - thank you for sharing!

Jessica Ryan said...

Thanks so much Maria... I have some pretty creative genes on both sides of my family. These genes had no where to go and ended up in me! My grandmother was a fabulous wonderfully creative cook. I love to create and food is just anothe5 medium -- the best one really because it tastes good!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Everything looks so yummy!

Unknown said...

Yummy! I am going to have to try all of these!

Unknown said...

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I linked to your cupcake post and gave you a little plug in my latest post on my blog. I hope you don't mind!