Monday, September 15, 2008

Breakfast Kabobs

We were running behind schedule (as usual) this morning. I needed to get the kids some breakfast. I had some *banana yogurt bread that I had taken out of the freezer the night before. In the fridge there was a container of strawberries that were too close to being over-ripe. I had some bananas to use up too. Nothing seemed to grab me. And then it came to me! And the breakfast kabobs were made and boy were they a huge hit!

I used wooden skewers, 2 for the older kids and one for my 3 year old.

I alternated pieces of banana, banana bread and strawberries. Of course you can do this in any variation, using any fruit, fruit bread or muffin!

* Yes, those are sprinkles in the bread. I was making it with Alexander and he has to have sprinkles in everything. It's his trademark... it certainly is festive!


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Marie said...

I love it! What a fun way to start the day.

Imcombobulated said...

What a great idea!

(BTW, I got hit by that comment spam too.)

Anonymous said...

HAHA! What a CUTE idea!!!

FishMama said...

Clever idea. My only concern is that there would be javelin fights afterward. ;)