Friday, June 13, 2008

I am terrible

for not keeping up with this blog. There have been a few times I have made something fabulous up in my head and then served the dish without taking as much as a single photo or jotting down a single note. I promise to be better. I do!

We're having 40 people -- some friends, some family -- over this weekend to celebrate my husband's Birthday (a little belated since it was a month ago!) and Father's Day.

I'll share the menu with you... I'll have everything on the table buffet style so people can pick and choose what they like. Or have a little this and a little that. It's a casual uncatered affair. People will be able to make their own (gourmet, of course) sandwiches.

There will be Grilled London broil sliced super thin on the bias with my cilantro sauce and a mustard sauce on the side. There will also be chicken salad, I am going to try Martha Stewart's lighter version. I am so excited to make Margot's Pulled Pork! We will have potato salad -- Don's Grandmother's recipe, Corn salad -- the Barefoot Contessa's, Lemon Orzo salad and a green salad that my sister in law, Jennifer is making. I will pick up some super divine rolls and baguettes from my favorite bakery!

I am happy to have my mother in law handle all the deserts. I do love to bake but I certainly could do with having to do so! She'll bring her out of this world cheese cake. I really dislike cheese cakes. They are too heavy and sit in my gut for days. Hers is truly the exception to the rule. She's making a chocolate cake and my favorite her strawberry tarte! I can't wait! There will also be cookies and fresh fruit.

Appetizers will be light and sparse. We'll have a few things but I want people to save room for the good stuff. My grandmother did not believe in appetizers. She thought it was cruel to serve them. (As a child, often having to wait til quite late to eat if I was to be eating with the grown-ups, we definitely did not see eye-to-eye on this topic!) She hated her guests to fill up before the meal so that their eyes, tongues and were bellies too full to enjoy the goodness yet to come. She thought it was an insult to whoever was in the kitchen. She had small bowls of nuts or Melba toast and caviar for light snacking. My love for cooking stemmed from her. It was through her -- her fancy dishes and elegant table settings that, even as a child, I saw that food was an art form. But I digress. There will be more about the party on my other blog!

The party is on Sunday and as I come across my recipes I will post them here. Promise!

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