Friday, January 14, 2011

Just beet it!

When I was at Dune on Nantucket Island last summer I had the most amazing salad which consisted of fresh beets, goat cheese and pistachios over a bed of field greens. It was a perfect slightly sweet and slightly savory combination.

As a child I loved beets. Mom would pluck them out of a can. DelMonte, I think. Recently I was exposed to fresh beets and learned that when cooked or roasted they are simply divine! What I didn't know was how chock full of nutrients they are. Spectacular for one's health and super low in calories beets make a perfect addition to any healthy person's diet.

Craving that salad that I had this summer, I set out to the grocery store to get some beets, feta, and field greens. (I completely forgot about the pistachios!)

This is such a simple salad to make... it's a perfect starter for a dinner party or serve it as an entre for a girl's luncheon with a lovely baguette.

Beets, about 1 per person
Feta, 2 tbs per person
Mixed field greens, a generous handful per person
(When I make this for my lunch I make mine slightly larger)
1 - 2 tbs crushed pistachios (slivered almonds, sunflower seeds make good substitutions)
2 tbs vinaigrette

Cook the beets. Remove stems and immerse beets in boiling water. Cook for 30 - 40 minutes until beets are tender to the touch. Let cool and remove outside skins. They should peel off easily with a paring knife. Slice, finely chop or julienne the beets, set aside.

On a plate, or in a bowl arrange the lettuce and sprinkle with the beets, feta and nuts or seeds.

Pour a small amount of vinaigrette over the salad just prior to serving.

I like to use 1 tbs apple cider vinegar to 2 tbs olive oil. Mix well. If you have an orange or champagne vinegar use it instead of the cider!


Dorothy at Belle of the Kitchen said...

I've been loving beets + goat cheese lately! The addition of pistacios sounds great--do you recommend crush them more finely in a food processor, or less fine and more chopped, using a kninfe?

Jessica Ryan said...

More chopped... not fine... perfection!