Friday, February 22, 2008

Christopher's Miniature Flower Garden Cup Cakes

sorry the pictures are not so great... but you get the idea!

I made these cupcakes for Rebecca's class party and Christopher loved them so much he asked that I make them for his class party yesterday. I love that they are quick and easy to make. With so much on my plate these days I just don't have time for intricate baking/decorating projects, so I was thrilled when he asked me to replicate Rebecca's cupcakes.

Yields 24

If you would like to try your hand at these you will need:

1 box of yellow cupcake mix (unless you have a little chocolaholic on your hands!) If you would like your cupcakes slightly larger use two boxes and then pour remaining batter in to a loaf pan, bake and freeze for future consumption.

1 container of vanilla icing
1 container of chocolate icing
1 container of cupcake liners
1 or 2 packages of lollipops, preferably with pastel colors -- Charms and Dum Dums work well too, but Tootsie Pops and Blow Pops are too top heavy
1 or 2 packages of gummi worms
1 med. container or chocolate sprinkles, unless you are from Massachussets and then you will want Jimmies!
1 med. container of bright green decorating sugars

Optional, 1 box of green roll-ups or fruit leather, to cut into leaf shapes -- I did this for Rebecca's but forgot to pick some up for Christopher's. He did not care but I loved the look of the little green leaves at the base of the lollipop flowers! And unfortunately I never took a picture of Rebecca's... Oh well...

*Bake the cupcakes as indicated on the box, let cool for a good hour
*Frost half with chocolate frosting and half with the vanilla
*Into two separate bowls pour the green and chocolate sprinkles
*Dip the vanilla frosted cupcakes into the green sprinkles -- make sure the entire top is covered
*Repeat above with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles
*In the middle of each cupcake insert your lollipop and if you would like to cut out the leaf form and place at the bottom
*Place your worms on top of your cupcakes, or with a knife, create a slit so that it appears as though the worm is crawling out of the cupcake
*Let dry -- overnight if possible -- before transporting cupcakes

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Marie said...

very cute cupcakes! They will be perfect for a welcome Spring party...if it stops snowing soon.