Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snack Ideas for your car, work and when you are on the run...

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Snacking is my weakness... my downfall. I would easily trade a  meal for a couple of snacks. And sometimes I do. Sometimes it is not plausible for me to sit and eat a proper breakfast or lunch. And when I don't I get hungry. Ah, let's face it, even when I do I still get hungry. I could just eat all day long! And because of this I need to make sure that healthy snacks are within my reach at all times -- at home, at work and in the car. We covered the home part yesterday. I'll share some ideas for work and car.

In the summertime I keep a small Igloo cooler in the back of the SUV. I place a new ice pack in it every morning and fill it with waters, juices for the kids, and occasionally a Diet Coke for me! I also keep fresh fruit in it.

During the winter I do not need a cooler and since the kids are not spending much time outdoors I don't really keep snacks for them in the car... just a few water bottles. I, however, live in my car year round and spend more time in it than I'd care to... I take the kids to school, hop over to the gym, go to work or run errands or have an interview/story/article to cover... have to pick the kids up from school and run errands and take them to their activities and doctor's appointments and play dates... and well, you get the idea. So, I need snacks in the car. I need healthy snacks in my car. And I always make sure that I have something at hand.

Yes, I hit Starbucks more often than I should. My too-sweet and flavored coffees have been replaced by my newest obsession, Chai Lattes. When ordered with skim milk it's a sweet, delicious low fat treat! Other than that waters and snacks are in the car.

Snacks for the Car
Bottled waters
Low cal sports drinks
Sugar Free iced teas
Apples, sometimes whole, sometimes sliced, in a Ziplock bags.
Grapes are the perfect car snack!
Nuts, pre-portioned in Ziplock bags
Granola, pre-portioned in Ziplock bags
Wheat Thins
Granola/Power/Protein bars
Trail mix, pre-portioned in Ziplock bags
Animal crackers are a perfect treat for when you must have something sweet. The small boxes are fun and portion controlled.

Snacks at the workplace

You can have any of the above-mentioned at the workplace. In addition, most offices have refrigerators or access to them. If you do have access to such:
yogurt drinks
cottage cheese
cheese sticks
Veggies/crudites and low fat dip/salad dressing

Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your desk. It looks pretty and will keep you from wanting to grab something calorie-laden! Certain fruits like apples and clementines last longer on the shelf than some others. Clementines are preferable over oranges as they are easier to peel and less messy.

Do you have any ideas to add?


Chick in the Czech said...

I love the idea of the fresh fruit on your desk. I need to do that!

Jessica Ryan said...

I also forgot to mention yogurt for at work... with a little pre-portioned granola on top. YUM!