Monday, July 27, 2009

Deep Fried Apple Oatmeal

Ok, so it's not really deep fried. Nor is it as unhealthy as it sounds! But this spur of the moment concoction was as delicious as any deep fried dish should be!


*Oats, enough for 4 servings, about 2 cups
*Water, 3 1/2 cups plus 4 Tbs
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
6 tbs of brown sugar
3 tbs. butter
2 crisp apples such as Granny Smith or Pink Lady
1 handful of raisins
1 handful of cranberries

* Be sure to follow the cooking directions as listed on your particular oats box.

We had just gotten back from Maine. The kids were hungry. They did not want cereal. Christopher requested oatmeal with apples. I would have to somehow divvy up the one apple to serve four. I rummaged through my Well Stocked Pantry to find the oatmeal and brown sugar. I had one lone apple (that I did not eat on the car ride home.)

I cut up my crunchy and delicious Pink Lady into thin slices. I then Tossed them into my non-stick Calphalon pan with about 2 tbs. of butter, 4 tbs. of brown sugar and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.

I let the butter melt then I added the sugar and cinnamon and mixed well. Then I added approximately 4 tbs. of water and tossed in the apples and let them simmer in the sugary, buttery goodness.

In a pan I measured enough water for 4 servings of oatmeal. I used Quaker Oats, NOT the quick cook variety. When the water came to a boil I tossed in the oats, a generous handful of raisins and a generous handful of dried cranberries and let it all cook. I am a stirrer. For fear of sticky oatmeal I stir the pot constantly. After about 7 minutes or so (it does take longer when you double the portion) I added 2 more tbs. of brown sugar into the oats, turned the heat up until the water evaporated.

When the oats were done I removed the pan from the heat and set it aside.

Back to the apples. When they were done --the burnt (caramelized) ones were the best -- I removed them from the pan and set them aside. I then poured the oatmeal in to the sugary buttery deliciousness and mixed it up so that the oatmeal and the sugar mixture were well blended. I placed the apples on top.

This was a HUGE hit and one that will be made on many a school morning! Next time I will be sure to use more apples!


Julie said...

I have been trying to get my kids to eat oatmeal more often. I think this might be the key. Thank you for the recipe.

Unknown said...

I love oatmeal & that looks super yummy!

Gwennie said...

Thanks for this wonderful breakfast recipe, I'm going to make it this weekend at the cottage.

Kim said...

We just had this oatmeal for lunch with chicken sausages. Delicious! We added walnuts, and used quick cooking oats without problems. For us, the extra brown sugar at the end made it a tiny bit too sweet, but other than that, we all loved it. Thanks!