Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mama's Pasta Bake

There are days, such as these, when there seems no time to breathe let alone eat. Our after school schedules are now filled with soccer, skating, Girl Scouts and the like. We often don't get home until it is time for dinner. When this happens it is pretty impossible to have dinner ready and on the table. One of the reasons I love this dish is because I can have it on the table in just over 30 minutes. I also love it because it is the ultimate comfort food. And I love pasta!

Serves a family of 5 with leftovers for 3 children!

You'll need 1 box of pasta, any shape you like
1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce -- get a good one as it will make a difference
1 package of shredded cheese (2 cups)
1 container of Italian season Panko breadcrumbs (Progresso's is readily available in supermarkets)
(If you want to you can add some crumbled sausage, hamburger meat or small meatballs. (About 1 Cup.)You will need to allow extra cooking time for anything that is not prepared in advanced.)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook pasta per directions on the box.

2. Drain pasta well and add 1 jar of favorite sauce

3. Add meat if desired

4. Mix pasta well and place in to an oven-safe dish or casserole

5. Add cheese to the top -- as much or as little as you wish

6. Add Panko bread crumbs to the top -- as much or as little as you wish

7. Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes, and Bon Appetit!

I have also made this dish in advance. If doing so you will need to allow extra cooking time to heat up from the fridge.


Glenna said...

I tried this and loved it!! Easy and delicious!

Jessica Ryan said...

glad you liked it glena! another reader tried it as well and she and her troops also loved it. it's nice to have something so easy and simple be so good!