Wednesday, September 24, 2008

F is for Fire Truck Cookie

Alexander went on his first class field trip today. The Pre-K 3 class went to a fire station near the school. The kids had a blast learning all about the fire men and what they do. They got to sit in the front of the fire engine (if they wanted to do so) and got to hold the hose as it sprayed water! When the adventure at the fire house was over the kids all made their way to the play ground across the street where they all prepared their snacks... fire engine cookies of course!

Each child got one and a half graham crackers, a plastic knife, 4 mini Oreos, a few mini pretzel sticks, 1 string of red licorice and one Dot candy.

First they "painted" their fire trucks red by spreading frosting on the larger graham cracker, then over the smaller graham square. The smaller square was placed over the longer rectangle piece. The kids then added their wheels (Oreos), ladders (pretzels), hose (licorice) and siren (Dot candy)

By prepackaging the ingredients into individual Ziploc bags the children had everything they needed at their fingertips. This alleviated any potential chaos. The children needed only slight guidance.

For mothers of children who love anything fire engine-related this is a wonderful craft. I would think this would go over well on a play date after reading any of the many wonderful fire engine books out there!

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