Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Candy Flowers

I saw these cupcakes on Katie's blog and thought, AHA! I have to make these for the Brownie's end of the year party. She got the idea from this blog. (Both food blogs are fantastic, by the way and you should check them out.) My cupcakes do not look as professional as the other two ladies, but with a two year old tugging at me the entire time, and my other two whiny kids interrupting me, I think that in the end they turned out OK. Next time I will do better.

I cheated and used a boxed cake and frosting mix and followed the directions. (Duncan Hines) I followed the directions for the flowers, except I left out the piping as I was trying to keep it quick and simple for the Brownies. These were a hit with everyone and I will absolutely make them again. Except Alexander. He prefers these because he wants the gummy worm and the lollipop!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!! I really love the colors!!