Saturday, February 16, 2008

One of the Best Darned Sandwiches I Have Ever Had!

I love to make sandwiches. Not the boring ham and cheese variety. I like to use fresh ingredients and give things a little twist. I would just love to open up a gourmet sandwich shop one day. My sandwiches titilate the senses. My husband always prefers mine to his own. Today I came home starving. I wanted something fairly healthy, satisfying and easy to fix. I saw a ball of fresh mozzarella in the fridge next to the jar of the cilantro garlic sauce (recipe below) I made the other night for dinner. I grabbed the sliced sour dough from the freezer (I keep all my breads in the freezer) then turned my griddle on to toast the bread. I sliced up a tomato (I like Campari this time of year since I can not get fresh or local) and the mozzarella. I spread some of the cilantro garlic sauce on one slice of bread then placed the mozzy on top of it. The sliced tomatoes went on the other slice. As the bottoms started to brown, getting those lovely grill marks, I placed one half on top of the other and used a weight to press the sandwich down. I kept it on for a minute or two.

I cut the sandwich in half and took a bite. Seriously, it was the best tomato mozzarella sandwich I have ever had! The sandwich had so much more flavor than it would have had I just used olive oil and fresh basil and stayed nice and crispy right through to the last crunchy bite!

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Margaret said...

OMG, my stomach is growling now. Guess what I will be purchasing at the grocery store today!!! :)